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Pokémon Trading Card Game
==[[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]==
The Pokémon Trading Card Game (集換式卡牌遊戲) willwas bemade available in Taiwan and Hong Kong under the new unified translation (寶可夢) beginning inon October 2019 starting with the [[All-Star Stars Collection (CTCG)|All Stars Collection]] (眾星雲集組合) expansion. Prior to this, English-language cards were available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China with most of the cards, boosters, and theme decks nearly identical to the ones that were released internationally. Although the Trading Card Game exists in all three areas, only Taiwan and Hong Kong host [[Play! Pokémon]] events.
Currently, JFL Trading manages the TCG tournaments in Hong Kong, while MTG Mint Card and KKTCG handles the events in Taiwan.
Prior to 2019, only two sets of the Trading Card Game (集換式卡片遊戲) were officially printed in Chinese, translated from its English counterparts and distributed by Funbox Toys (麗櫻國際). The {{TCG ID|Jungle|Pikachu|60}} card from the {{TCG|Jungle}} expansion was released in Chinese as part of the 2000 Pikachu World Collection. This was followed by {{tcg|Base Set}}, which was released by [[Wizards of the Coast]] in 2000 in Taiwan and Hong Kong using the [[Media:Pokémon logo Southeast Asia.png|red variant of the Pokémon logo]] with the title 集換式紙牌遊戲. Later in 2006, {{tcg|EX Legend Maker}} was later released by [[The Pokémon Company]] inand 2006distributed by Funbox Toys (麗櫻國際) in Taiwan under the title 集換式卡片遊戲 to commemorate the {{OBP|PokéPark|theme park}} theme park.<ref></ref>
==[[Pokémon Battrio]]==