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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity

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* {{mdc|Emolga|gti}}: The player first encounters Emolga while on their mission searching for Dunsparce. Emolga is Dunsparce's best friend, and he always stands up for him. After Dunsparce has been rescued, he joins the team along with Dunsparce. He doesn't like Virizion at first, due to the way she treated Dunsparce, though they later make amends.
* {{mdc|Virizion|gti}}: Virizion is a very popular Pokémon among the Post Town inhabitants, even though she has turned them all down at some point. The player first meets her after rescuing Dunsparce. Dunsparce had gotten lost looking for a crystal to give to Virizion as a gift, because he wanted to be her friend. Virizion turns him down, saying she doesn't have friends. This hurts Dunsparce's feelings, causing him to run away. After rescuing Dunsparce again, she asks to join the team. The player's partner immediately accepts, much to Emolga's chagrin. Virizion proves to be a calm and collected addition to the team, rarely outwardly expressing her emotions, but she changes as more and more is revealed about her past with her last friend, Keldeo. She later admits that she likes Emolga.
* [[{{mdc|Umbreon and Espeon]]|gti}}: They are partners and dungeon researchers. Umbreon wanders into Post Town one night, injured. As Swanna nurses him back to health, he reveals that he thinks his sister, Espeon, is in trouble. After they are reunited, they join the team, though they do not go on missions right away. They also know Virizion from her past and reveal the reason she doesn't have friends.
* {{mdc|Keldeo|gti}}: A friend of Virizion, and a Magnagate savant. He was imprisoned in Glacier Palace, and there he wrote a letter to Virizion telling her that they weren't friends anymore. This letter caused Virizion to stop believing in friends. After being rescued by Umbreon and Espeon, he apologizes to Virizion for writing the letter. He joins the player's team after the player Pokémon returns to the human world.
* {{mdc|Hydreigon|gti}}: A Pokémon that is a physical embodiment of the Voice of Life. He assisted in the player's character being transported to the Pokémon world. He often rambles and joins the team after the final battle. He is very fond of Swanna's food.