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Battle entry animation
====Battle entry animation====
Since [[Generation V]], certain visual and sound effects are applied when a Pokémon lands on the surface of a battlefield, depending on the Pokémon's weight (ignoring weight-changing effects). {{p|Diglett}}, {{p|Dugtrio}}, and Pokémon that float above the surface of the battlefield do not cause any such effects. Pokémon holding an [[Air Balloon]] also do not cause any such effects, even if the item's function is being suppressed by {{a|Klutz}} or {{m|Magic Room}}.
* Small shake and high-pitched landing noise for Pokémon weighing 49.9&nbsp;kg (110.0&nbsp;lbs.) or less. <!--to Hitmonlee-->
* Medium shake and lower landing noise for Pokémon weighing between 50&nbsp;kg (110.2&nbsp;lbs.) and 149.9&nbsp;kg (330.5&nbsp;lbs.). <!--from Zweilous to Bastiodon-->