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Anime-exclusive locations
| [[A-B-C Islands]]
| style="text-align:left" | The A-B-C Islands are a group of three island off the coast of Hoenn. Island A has a [[Pokémon Center]] and a [[Pokémon academy|school]]. Island B has [[Deep Sea Scale]]s. Island C has [[Deep Sea Tooth|Deep Sea Teeth]]. There are two rivaling {{pkmn|Trainer}} groups on the island. One group believes {{p|Huntail}} are stronger. The other believes {{p|Gorebyss}} are stronger. The A-B-C Islands appear in ''[[AG095|The Evolutionary War!]]''.
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| [[File:Anthony Gym.png|100px]]
| {{DL|Gym|Anthony's Gym}}
| style="text-align:left" | An unofficial Gym near [[Petalburg Woods]] run by {{OBP|Anthony|AG010}}.
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| [[File:Baltoy Civilization Magic Wheel.png|100px]]
| [[{{DL|Kirikiri Mountain#Baltoy civilization ruins|Baltoy civilization ruins]]}}
| style="text-align:left" | Hidden ruins located on [[Kirikiri Mountain]] that belonged to ancient civilization that worshipped {{p|Baltoy}}.
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| [[File:Mountain Lighthouse.png|100px]]
| [[{{DL|Misty Village#Mountain Lighthouse|Mountain Lighthouse]]}}
| style="text-align:left" | A lighthouse in the foggy mountains between [[Slateport City]] and [[Mauville City]]. It helps people guide through the mountains and its source of light is known as the light stone, which uses electricity to create a bright light.
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| [[File:Square Top Izabe Island.png|100px]]
| [[{{DL|Riyado Town#Square Top|Square Top]]}}
| style="text-align:left" | This uniquely shaped mountain is the highest peak on [[Izabe Island]] and also marks the center of {{p|Absol}} territory.
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| [[File:The Green Lodge.png|100px]]
| [[{{DL|Rinshin Town#The Green Lodge|The Green Lodge]]}}
| style="text-align:left" | The Green Lodge is an abandoned mansion in the middle of the booming metropolis of [[Rinshin Town]]. [[Alex]] intends on tearing down the property to make way for a forest park for the resident {{p|Shroomish}} to enjoy.
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