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Character: His name is the original series was Jackson, and only the Legend of Thunder made it Vincent.
VincentJackson is an incredibly positive and cheery individual. However, he is easily distracted and has a tendency to trip over himself.
VincentJackson has [[BackShipping|a crush on Marina]]. He regularly keeps in contact with her via the [[Pokégear]]. Knowing Marina admires people who wear capes, VincentJackson dresses up in a cape sometimes to impress her. He has also used different personae in a bid to impress her. While it is disputed whether ''Jackson'' was one, he called himself ''Fabu-Vinny'' in ''[[The Legend of Thunder!]]'', as Marina refers to [[Lance]] as ''Fabu-Lance''. VincentJackson sees Jimmy as a rival for Marina's attraction, which is not unfounded as [[QuestShipping]] is near-canon.