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History: His name is the original series was Jackson, and only the Legend of Thunder made it Vincent.
His [[starter Pokémon]] was {{TP|Vincent|Chikorita}}, received from [[Professor Elm]] of [[New Bark Town]], at the same time as {{jo|Jimmy}} and {{jo|Marina}} received their {{TP|Jimmy|Cyndaquil}} and [[Wani-Wani|Totodile]].
In ''[[EP267|Love, Pokémon Style]]'', " Jackson", as he was called in the English dub, was revealed to be {{Ash}} and [[Macy]]'s opponent in Division H of preliminary round-robin {{pkmn|battle}} rounds of the [[Silver Conference]]. Ash later battled Macy and won against her, earning himself three points.
Jackson faced Macy in ''[[EP268|Tie One On!]]''. The three-on-three match proved to be a close one, with both competitors down to their last Pokémon. Jackson's showboating gets the better of him, as he trips over his cape while issuing orders to {{p|Poliwhirl}}. Poliwhirl is left standing as Macy's {{p|Quilava}} delivered a final {{m|Flamethrower}} to win the round.
Jackson selected his final Pokémon, Meganium. The two {{type|Grass}} Pokémon both take some heavy hits, exchanging a fury of Vine Whip and {{m|Razor Leaf}} attacks. A collision of {{m|Solar Beam}}s leaves both sides fatigued. Meganium and Bulbasaur remained determined to prove themselves, though they settle their rivalry with fainting at the same time. The referee called the round a double knockout, and a draw overall between Ash and Jackson. Attention turns to the points for the three-way matches. With his four point total, Ash advanced into the next round of the Silver Conference. While Jackson's Silver Conference journey had come to an end, he shook hands with Ash and wished him the best for the battles ahead.
Jackson, named "Vincent" in the dub, appeared in ''[[The Legend of Thunder!]]''. He and {{jo|Marina}} were talking via a Pokémon Center videophone. The conversation was interrupted by {{jo|Jimmy}} who went on to hang up on Vincent after he threatened to expose his crush on Marina.
Later, "Vincent" joined [[Eusine|Eugene]], Marina and Jimmy's quest to protect a {{OBP|Raikou|The Legend of Thunder!}} from [[Team Rocket]] duo, [[Attila]] and [[Hun]]. He appeared in a cape, and ordered his Meganium to use Solar Beam to block Hun’s {{p|Steelix}} from using {{m|Rock Throw}}. The pair were forced to leap from a cliff after Steelix lashed out at them. Attila and Hun successfully captured Raikou and flew from the scene, but to "Vincent's" dismay they also caught Marina.
He, Eugene and Jimmy again confronted the Rocket duo. "Vincent" tripped in his bid to save Marina, and she ended up landing on his back. Everyone's attention turned to saving Raikou. "Vincent" and Jimmy had their Meganium and {{TP|Jimmy|Typhlosion}} drain the Miracle Crystal system's energy, and eventually Raikou gained the strength to free itself. Raikou later destroyed the Miracle Crystal, which led Attila and Hun to escape. Raikou turns to "Vincent" and the others to thank them before returning to the wilderness.