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Ultra Wormhole

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In the anime
In ''[[SM124|Living on the Cutting Edge!]]'', a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Kartana}} appeared in Alola through an Ultra Wormhole. At the end of the episode, Kartana was revealed to be able to slice through space and create its own Ultra Wormholes, using one created this way to return itself home.
In [[SM139]], an Ultra Wormhole opened above [[Manalo Stadium]], from which a {{p|Guzzlord}} fell out, interrupting the [[Manalo Conference]] award ceremony. The same wormhole reappeared in [[SM140|the next episode]], where the four [[Island Kahuna]]s, with the help of the {{an|guardian deities}}, succeeded in sending Guzzlord back into it before it closed. In the same episode, two {{Shiny}} {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Shiny Guzzlord|Guzzlord}} also appeared at the stadium through their own separate wormholes. While {{an|Gladion}}, [[Hau]], and Ash's classmates succeeded in sending one of them back into its original wormhole before it closed, Ash and {{an|Professor Kukui}} weren't as lucky with the other one. Fortunately, [[Ash's Naganadel]] then appeared from a wormhole of its own making and helped sending the last Guzzlord back into [[Ultra Space]] through it.
==In the manga==