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The [[Ultra Guardians]] are summoned by {{an|Lusamine}}, and [[Wicke]] explains that they detected strong magnetic reactions at the center of [[Wela Volcano Park]] on [[Akala Island]]. She adds that the force is quickly spreading and is interfering with the [[Aether Foundation]]'s ability to detect Ultra Aura. The Ultra Guardians accept the mission and [[Poké Ride|fly over]] to Wela Volcano. There, {{an|Lillie}} and {{an|Sophocles}} take out sensors, and the Ultra Guardians split up into two groups: the boys ({{Ash}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, and Sophocles) investigate the mines; while the girls ({{an|Lana}}, Lillie, and {{an|Mallow}}) decide to scour the surface.
The boys soon get a signal, and they discover a group of {{alo|Geodude}} and {{p|Graveler}}. Sophocles points his sensor at the [[wild Pokémon]], which detects a massive magnetic force. {{Rotom}} affirms that the dual {{t|Rock}}- and {{type|Electric}}s radiate strong magnetism. {{AP|Pikachu}} rushes over to the Geodude and Graveler and returns to Ash side with a mysterious golden stone. Kiawe quickly confirms that the object is actually a Spark Stone, a magma-hardened and electricity-infused rock that is also Graveler and Geodude's favorite food. Kiawe clarifies that he hasn't seen this type of behavior before, and normally Geodude and Graveler live underground.