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Marowak (Pokémon)

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Marowak is reptilian in nature and seems to be loosely based on bipedal {{wp|dinosaur}}s. It also could be based on primitive cultures that wore bones for decoration and used them for weapons. The use of its bone {{m|Bonemerang|as a boomerang and as a weapon at the same time}} seems to be a reference to the {{wp|boomerang}}'s original use for hunting in {{wp|Indigenous Australians}} cultures.
Alolan Marowak's design may draw inspiration from a {{wp|fire performance|fire dancer}} holding a {{wp|fire staff}} or a {{wp|fire knife}}, a Samoan traditional dance implement. Alolan Marowak also may drawhave also drawn inspiration from the Polynesian concept of {{wp|mana}}, a spiritual essence that exists in all objects and people. It also allows people to imbue their "spirit" into other people and objects for protection or vengeance. In addition, Alolan Marowak may have also been inspired by {{wp|Nightmarchers}}, ghosts from {{wp|Hawaiian religion|Hawaiian mythology}} that march at night and are feared by the living.
====Name origin====