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I don't think that was a hint to tjst
* An early, unused frame of the stadium battle scene exists.
* The shadowed {{pkmn|Trainer}} who sends out Nidorino and {{p|Onix}} to battle greatly resembles [[Bruno]] of the [[Indigo League]] [[Elite Four]].
** Technically, this also made it the first episode to hint at the concept of a [[Champion League]] due to the televised match between a trainer and the aforementioned shadowed trainer. However, it would not be explicitly mentioned until [[DP035|nearly a decade later]].
* {{Ash}}'s introductory shot is repeated in [[BW001|the first episode]] of the {{series|Best Wishes}} as a throwback to this episode.
* Ash has a {{p|Voltorb}} clock with a cuckoo {{p|Pidgey}} in it. Furthermore, he ends up breaking it in his sleep, unknowingly using it as a [[Poké Ball]] shortly after 4 AM.
* This episode has the most [[List of Pokémon by anime debut|Pokémon debuts]] in the entire {{pkmn|anime}}, with 16.
* Parts of this episode are remade in ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]''.