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Drake (Orange League)

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In the manga
===In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga===
[[File:Drake EToP.png|thumb|220px|Drake in the Electric Tale of Pikachu]]
Drake appears as {{OBP|Ash Ketchum|EToP|Ash}}'s final opponent in the [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]] manga. After defeating the other Orange League Gym Leaders, Ash goes to battle Drake at Pummelo Island. The battle starts with Ash using his {{AP|Pikachu|Pikachu (EToP)}} and Drake with his Ditto. After a long, tough battle, Pikachu manages to defeat his clone with a well executed {{m|Swift}} attack.
Most of the battle is not shown and it shows Drake with only his Dragonite left while Ash still has three Pokémon. Drake sends out his Dragonite which proceeds to easily defeat [[Ash's {{AP|Squirtle}}]]. Next, Dragonite faces [[Ash's Charizard]] and despite the fact that it is smaller than its opponent, Dragonite eventually defeats it. Lastly, Dragonite faces Ash's Pikachu and despite the clear advantage it possessed, Pikachu climbs into its mouth and shocks it from the inside, defeating it. Afterwards, Drake commends Ash for his victory.
|epname=The Orange Crew Supreme Gym Leader
|desc={{p|Dragonite}} is Drake's strongest Pokémon. It was the last Pokémon used against Ash in their match. Dragonite proved to be powerful, strong enough to take down two of Ash's Pokémon and severely damaging a third before finally being defeated by an {{typeOBP|ElectricAsh's Pikachu|EToP}} attackusing {{m|Thunder}} inside of its mouth.}}