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In the manga
===In The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga===
The concept of levels appears rarely in the [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]] manga; however, in ''[[ET07|Pikachu's Excellent Adventure]]'', [[Samurai]] specifically mentions level 99 {{p|Slowpoke}} and {{p|Magikarp}} which canare said to be found in the [[Hidden Village]].
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
At the end of every {{adv|volume}}, or starting from {{PAV|15}}, at the end of certain {{adv|round}}s, the current levels of at least one of the main characters' Pokémon are given in a Pokédex or Adventure Map section.
The level mechanic appears in the plot twice. In the {{chap|FireRed & LeafGreen}}, [[Orm]]'s black [[Pokédex]] was able to deduce the power of {{adv|Yellow}}'s Pokémon in terms of level; Yellow then used her own mysterious power to sharply raise her team members' levels. In the {{chap|Emerald}}, {{adv|Emerald}} found out that the {{pTP|Emerald|Sceptile}} he used during his {{gdis|Battle Factory|III}} challenge, and later smuggled out, was able to survive an opposing {{p|Glalie}}'s {{m|Sheer Cold}} due to its higher level; Sceptile was Levelat level 51, even though Emerald's challenge was in the Level 50, Single Battle mode, meaning that the rest of the rental Pokémon were Levelat level 50.
===In the Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All manga===
The concept of levels seems to exist in [[Pokémon Gotta Catch 'Em All]], as inIn ''[[GDZ17|Catch Bellsprout!]]'', [[Shu]] comments that the {{p|Bellsprout}} he is battling against is at a higher level than his {{p|Ponyta}}.