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Red's Pikachu (game)

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In Generation I: Editing a bit about releasing Pikachu. Mentioning that attempting to release does not change Pikachu's friendship. (I tested this repeatedly.)
*Notably, reflecting the [[EP014|actions]] of Ash's Pikachu, this Pikachu will refuse a [[Thunder Stone|Thunderstone]] given to it in Yellow, and, if talked to after the player tries to use the stone, will shake its head in refusal. It will not evolve unless traded to another cartridge. (The player can obtain Raichu in Yellow either by trading one in or by using a Thunderstone on a Pikachu traded from another game.)
After the player stores Pikachu in Bill's computer, Pikachu complains and becomes less friendly toward the player. The playerPikachu is also unable to releasebe Pikachureleased (unless traded away and released in another game; ifor releasealternatively istraded attemptedaway, evolved to {{p|Raichu}}, traded back and released normally). If the player attempts to release Pikachu, it will complain, but this does not affect their friendship.
In battle, Pikachu's animations and cry are different from other Pikachu, its voice based on [[Ikue Ohtani]]'s. In the [[Virtual Console]] release of Pokémon Yellow, Pikachu can also participate in the [[Pikachu's Beach|Surf Minigame]].