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List of starter Pokémon in the anime
** [[Stephanie's father]] started with a {{p|Treecko}}, which he received at the same time.
* {{OBP|Jimmy|AG092}} (''[[AG092|Judgment Day!]]'') started with a {{p|Squirtle}}, which later evolved into a {{p|Blastoise}}.
* [[XanderZander]]'s (''[[AG142|Caterpie's Big Dilemma]]'') {{p|Caterpie}} was implied to be his starter Pokémon in the episode, as he mentioned that his Caterpie was his first Pokémon, albeit it was "not caught".
* {{OBP|Gilbert|SS014}} (''[[SS014|Journey to the Starting Line!]]'') started with a {{p|Bulbasaur}}, which he received from Professor Oak.
[[File:Dawn choosing Piplup.png|thumb|220px|Dawn choosing Piplup as her starter]]