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In ''[[EP103|Misty Meets Her Match]]'', Misty was given a chance to stay in the [[Orange Archipelago|Orange Islands]] when [[Rudy]], the Gym Leader on [[Trovita Island]], offered to let her stay with him. Misty considered the offer, but she ultimately chose to keep traveling with Ash, and supported him in his battle against Rudy.
In ''[[EP168|Hook, Line, and Stinker]]'', Misty competed in the annual [[Seaking Catching DayCompetition]]. After Misty and [[Andreas]] both caught {{p|Seaking}} that weighed 55 kg., Misty and Andreas battled each other in order to break the tie. Misty won the competition after her {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} defeated Andreas' {{p|Poliwrath}}.
Misty participated in the [[Whirl Cup]] alongside Ash from ''[[EP215|Octillery the Outcast]]'' to ''[[EP217|The Perfect Match!]]''. She defeated Ash in the second round and made it to the best eight of the competition before she narrowly lost to [[Trinity]].
|epname=Hook, Line, and Stinker
|desc=Misty hooked a big {{p|Seaking}} using her [[Misty's special lure|special lure]] for the [[Seaking Catching DayCompetition]] competition. It weighed 55kg which placed Misty equal first with [[Andreas]]. Misty was then chosen the winner with a subsequent [[Pokémon battle]]. Under contest rules, the Seaking was released back into the lake.
None of Seaking's moves are known.}}
* [[Big P Pokémon Race]] - {{wp|Did Not Finish|DNF}} (''[[EP033|The Flame Pokémon-athon!]]'')
* [[Queen of the Princess Festival]] - Winner (''[[EP052|Princess vs. Princess]]'')
* [[Seaking Catching DayCompetition]] - Winner (''[[EP168|Hook, Line, and Stinker]]'')
* [[Pokémon Balloon Race]] - Winner (with {{Ash}} and {{an|Brock}}; tied with [[Skyler]] and [[Tenma]]; ''[[EP202|The Big Balloon Blow-Up]]'')
* [[Whirl Cup]] - Top 8 (''[[EP217|The Perfect Match!]]'')