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In ''[[EP161|The Bug Stops Here]]'', Pikachu and Ash entered the [[Bug-Catching Contest]]. The two encountered a {{p|Weedle}}, but before Pikachu could attack it, Casey's Chikorita intervened, and Casey caught the Hairy Bug Pokémon. Later, Ash and Pikachu chased after a Scyther, but accidentally disturbed a swarm of {{p|Beedrill}} in the process. Pikachu managed to shock one of the Beedrill with Thunderbolt, giving Ash the chance to catch it. With this capture, Ash managed to win the contest, winning him a [[Sun Stone]].
In ''[[EP168|Hook, Line, and Stinker]]'', Ash chose Pikachu as his Pokémon to assist him in the [[Seaking Catching DayCompetition]]. After Ash managed to reel in a {{p|Seaking}}, Pikachu weakened it with Thunderbolt so Ash could catch it.
Pikachu befriended a bunch of {{p|Pichu}} in ''[[EP179|The Apple Corp!]]''. At first, they framed Pikachu for eating some apples, but when the Pichu were attacked by a Fearow, Pikachu warded it off with Thunderbolt. Later, Pikachu was kidnapped by Team Rocket after they sucked away its electricity. However, the Pichu eventually managed to restore Pikachu's electricity, and together, they blasted Team Rocket off.