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As Ash's traveling companion
In ''[[AG081|Take This House and Shuppet]]'', Max and {{ashfr|the gang}} went to a mansion. He separated from the group after he got into a sibling rivalry with May when they both accused each other of ending up in the mansion. When Max was still upset about May, a {{p|Shuppet}} covered him with red aura and Max noticed it. They played with each other and Shuppet showed Max a secret room containing a playground. Still mad about May, Max had Shuppet play a prank on Ash, May, and Brock by lifting up items in the kitchen when the three were headed there. When Team Rocket was about to get May's Torchic, Max blocked their way until May arrived. Max stood back as May took things from there with her Torchic and was about to get crushed by a falling shelf until Shuppet saved them by lifting the shelf.
Max found an injured {{p|Ralts}} in ''[[AG109|Do I Hear a Ralts?]]''. He took it back to the campsite where {{AP|Snorunt}} successfully cheered it up using [[Ash's hat]] and Max's glasses. Max took Ralts to a [[Pokémon Center]] after Brock pointed out that Ralts was running a {{DL|Illness in the Pokémon illnessworld|fever}}. While Ash, May, and Brock were battling Team Rocket while they were attempting to steal Ralts for their boss, Max made a run for the Pokémon Center with Snorunt tagging along. Along the way, Max dealt with Team Rocket again but they were stopped by Ralts's friends, a {{p|Kirlia}} and a {{p|Gardevoir}}. Max explained to them about Ralts's condition but Kirlia was about to attack him until Ralts protected him with {{m|Safeguard}} despite being in worse condition. Seeing that Ralts was willing to trust Max, Kirlia and Gardevoir {{m|teleport}}ed away. Max finally arrived in a Pokémon Center and reunited with Ash, May, and Brock. Max was happy to see that Ralts was healed up. However, he was sad to say goodbye to it after it left with Kirlia and Gardevoir.
[[File:Max farewell.png|thumb|left|220px|Max's farewell]]
In ''[[AG171|Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! Parts 1]]'' and ''[[AG172|2]]'', Max went with the group and [[Solana]] to a cave where they found out about a meteorite relating to [[Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime#Deoxys|Deoxys]]. Max was willing to communicate with it and Deoxys took him and {{MTR}} to another dimension. Deoxys possessed Meowth as it explained to Max that it was scared during the space flight. Deoxys then explained to Max about the meteor landing and outer space, and that it was alone without a friend to hangout with. When Ash and his friends arrived in the cave again, [[Ash's Swellow]] and {{AP|Sceptile}}, [[May's Combusken]], and [[Brock's Marshtomp]] signaled their arrival and Max was happy to see them again. When Deoxys battled the group outside the cave, it caused some friction inside the alternate dimension that made Max and Meowth bounce around. However, they were able to get out with the help of May and [[Jessie]]. After the battle, Deoxys possessed Meowth again where it thanked Max for everything and fled off, wanting to explore the planet even more.