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Dawn's Buneary

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Buneary often displays traditional feminine traits similar to its {{pkmn|Trainer}}. It enjoys dressing up in beautiful outfits and showing off in them, particularly to {{AP|Pikachu}}. It began wearing a vest with a heart on it in ''[[DP070|The Bells Are Singing!]]'', which was designed by {{an|Dawn}} and sewed by [[Johanna]]. It appears to be very proud of its vest and, for the most part, only takes it off to compete in [[Pokémon Contest]]s.
Buneary has been shown to be a helpful Pokémon. For instance, in ''[[DP094|Doc Brock!]]'', it took off its vest to give to {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}} when the {{type|Electric}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} was {{pkmn|illness[[Illness in the Pokémon world|sick}}]] from storing too much electricity. It also used Ice Beam to make an ice pack for Pachirisu in order to bring its fever down.
[[File:Buneary and Pikachu.png|thumb|left|220px|Buneary's affection towards Pikachu]]