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Houndour (Pokémon)

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Major appearances
A Houndour is one of the enemies of the [[Pichu Brothers]] and can normally be seen chasing them, or anyone else that angers it, around [[Big Town]]. It appeared in ''[[PK07|Pikachu & Pichu]]'', ''[[Trouble in Big Town]]'', ''[[SS006|Of Meowth]] [[SS007|and Pokémon]]'', and ''[[Pichu Bros. in Party Panic]]''; and it also made a cameo in ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]''.
A Houndour appeared in ''[[EP220|The Mystery is History]]'', under the ownership of [[Cassidy]]. It was initially overpowered due to its power-amplifying headgear. It made further appearances in ''[[EP221|Athe Parent Trapped!]]'', ''[[EP222|Aoriginal Promise is a Promiseseries]]'', ''[[SS004|Showdown at the Oak Corral]]'', and ''[[SS015|Putting the Air Back inPokémon Aerodactyl!Chronicles]]''.
Multiple Houndour appeared in ''[[XY094|From A to Z!]]'', ''[[XY102|Meeting at Terminus Cave!]]'', and ''[[XY132|A Towering Takeover!]]'', all under the ownership of {{tc|Team Flare Grunt}}s.