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Team Flare Admin (Trainer class)

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A male Team Flare Admin named {{DL|Lumiose City|Looker Bureau 2|Chalmers}} attacked [[Gurkinn]] in order to obtain the secrets of [[Mega Evolution]] for his superiors. Although Chalmers defeated Gurkinn, he was soon defeated by [[Diantha]], one of Gurkinn's students, and forced to run away. Later, Chalmers is seen locking {{kal|Grace}} back into her cell at the [[Team Flare Secret HQ]] after her fifth attempt to escape had ended in a failure.
Later, both Chalmers and the female Admin, along with [[Malva]]'s {{TP|Malva|Delphox}}]], are seen overseeing the plan to tie the Pokémon captured from the [[Pokémon Village]] to the prototype Absorbers on {{rt|10|Kalos}} so that their life energy would be drained to re-fuel the [[ultimate weapon]]. The plan is interrupted by the arrival of [[Alexa]], [[Viola]], [[Clemont]], [[Bonnie]], and [[Yvette]], who appear to stop Team Flare's plan.