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Generation VI

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Kalos thematic motif
==Kalos thematic motif==
The sixth generation focuses on the concept of beauty and different aspects related to it, such as balance and harmony. [[Trainer customization|Fashion]] and different forms of art are featured considerably in the newly introduced region, whose name comes from the Greek word for beauty.<ref>[]</ref> The mascots of the primary versions, {{p|Xerneas}} and {{p|Yveltal}}, reflect the concepts of harmony and balance, being the "Life" and "Destruction" Pokémon, respectively. The villainous team's actions and motives also reflect the beauty theme, as they strive to create "a beautiful world" by any means necessary.
Generation VI advanced competitive play by introducing Mega Evolution, making already powerful Pokémon such as {{p|Rayquaza}} and {{p|Mewtwo}} stronger, and giving unviable Pokémon such as {{p|Charizard}} and {{p|Mawile}} a use in the metagame. The addition of the Fairy-type nerfed several previously prominent Pokémon like {{p|Hydreigon}} and {{p|Scrafty}}, and allowed others such as {{p|Clefable}} and {{p|Azumarill}} to rise in prominence.
Generation VI was largely well-received for hearkening back to Generation I, and making older Pokémon popular again.
==Title screens==