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Though most items can be held by a Pokémon, many have no effect while held. [[Key Item]]s and [[HM]]s cannot be held; in Generation IV, only {{p|Giratina}} can hold the [[Griseous Orb]], and [[Apricorn]]s and [[Poké Ball]]s made from them cannot be held; from Generation V onward, [[TM]]s cannot be held. Any other type of item may be held, but [[medicine]] (except [[Berry Juice]]), [[TM]]s, [[evolutionary stone]]s, [[Fossil]]s, [[Repel]]s, [[escape item]]s, [[battle item]]s, [[valuable item]]s, [[exchangeable item]]s, [[Mulch]], [[Flute]]s, and [[Wing]]s have no effect apart from changing the power of {{m|Fling}} and increasing the damage taken from {{m|Knock Off}} (from Generation VI onward). [[Poké Ball]]s have no effect while held and cannot be flung.
[[Wild Pokémon]] can be encountered [[List of Pokémon by wild held item|holdholding an item]], which canthe beplayer obtainedcan obtain by catching the Pokémon or by using one of thecertain moves listedor belowAbilities. Wild Pokémon can steal the player's Pokémon's itemitems in every generation except Generations {{gen|III}} and {{gen|IV}}.
===List of Abilities and moves affecting held items===