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Persian (Pokémon)

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ItsPersian's appearance is arguably more similar to {{wp|Siamese (cat)|Siamese cats}}s than {{wp|Persian (cat)|Persian cats}}s, and its species in Japanese is シャムネコ or "shamuneko" meaning "Siamese Cat". It is also similar to large wild cats such as {{wp|Puma (genus)|Pumapuma}}s. The gem on its head makes it resemble a {{wp|Carbuncle (mythology)|Carbuncle}}, a Latin-American mythological beast which had a jewel on its forehead.
Unlike the normal Persian, Alolan Persian appears to be based more on domestic cats that underwent selective breeding, specifically those owned by royalty. In particular, its appearance greatly resembles a {{wp|British Shorthair}}, an imported breed known well for its large and rounded head, which developed as a consequence of inbreeding due to isolation from other cats. Its jewel color may be a visual pun on the "British Blue" variant. Due to its large head and mannerisms, it may also be visual pun on the term of being "big headed".