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Generation IV

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* Every [[player character]] in all of the Generation IV games has a [[Wii]] in [[player's house|their room]], referencing its status as the current Nintendo console during the generation.
* Generation IV is the only generation in which:
** All three [[starter Pokémon]] are able to learn [[Stealth Rock]].
** All of its games were released in the spring in North America, and in the fall in Japan.
** The final evolution of each starter Pokémon is owned by one Gym Leader or Elite Four member.
*** [[Gardenia]] has a {{p|Torterra}}, {{OBP|Flint|Elite Four}} has an {{p|Infernape}}, and [[Jasmine]] in [[HeartGold and SoulSilver]] has an {{p|Empoleon}}.
** None of the [[TM]]s from the previous generation had their move changed.
** Generation IV is also the only generation that did not introduce aA {{type|Dragon}} [[Type expert|specialist]] was not introduced.
* Generation IV is the first generation to include:
** Level 1 Pokémon legitimately obtainable in the core series.