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Ash Ketchum

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'''Ash Ketchum''' (Japanese: '''サトシ''' ''Satoshi'') is the main character of the [[Pokémon anime]]. He is also the main character of various {{pkmn|manga}} based on the anime, including [[The Electric Tale of Pikachu]], [[Ash & Pikachu]], and {{OBP|Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl|Sakai Takayuki}}.
He is a [[Pokémon Trainer]] from [[Pallet Town]] whose goal is to become a [[Pokémon Master]]. His [[starter Pokémon]] was a {{AP|Pikachu}} that he received from {{an|Professor Oak}} after arriving late at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory|his laboratory]]. In the {{series|Sun & Moon}}, he becomes the first {{pkmn|Champion}} of the [[Alola]] [[region]]'s [[Alola League|Pokémon League]].
He shares his Japanese name with the creator of the [[Pokémon]] franchise, [[Satoshi Tajiri]]. His English surname is a pun of the English motto, "[[Gotta catch 'em all!]]."