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With Ash
In ''[[DP083|A Crasher Course in Power!]]'', Buizel was training for Ash's Gym battle at the [[Pastoria Gym]], and was accidentally shocked by {{AP|Pikachu}}. Buizel angrily jumped at Pikachu, but was restrained by {{AP|Turtwig}}. Buizel continued to hold a grudge against Pikachu during the battle. Buizel defeated [[Crasher Wake]]'s {{p|Quagsire}} using his "Ice Aqua Jet" combination, and stayed on to battle {{p|Floatzel}}. Floatzel managed to use most of Buizel's attacks against him, and eventually confused him with his own Water Pulse. Buizel was recalled, and Pikachu was sent out. Buizel eventually shook off the confusion to see Pikachu valiantly fighting a losing battle against Floatzel. Floatzel eventually partially froze Pikachu's back, and Buizel wanted to get back in the fight. As Pikachu and Buizel tagged out, they exchanged a high five, and Buizel broke the ice on Pikachu's back with a Water Gun. Buizel went on to defeat Floatzel by using a Water Pulse at close range, defeating Floatzel and earning Ash his {{badge|Fen}}.
[[File:Ash Buizel Hearthome Gym.png|thumb|220px|AshBuizel and BuizelAsh in the Hearthome Gym]]
In ''[[DP102|Shield with a Twist!]]'', Buizel was the first Pokémon that Ash sent out during his battle at the [[Hearthome Gym]], going up against [[Fantina]]'s {{p|Gengar}}. Buizel used Aqua Jet, but Gengar used its {{a|Levitate}} Ability to easily dodge and confuse Buizel with its movements, after which he missed his Sonic Boom attack. Gengar then used its {{type|Ghost}} movements to confuse Buizel again and hit him with {{m|Shadow Punch}}, which Buizel was unable to dodge. However, Ash was prepared for Gengar's {{m|Hypnosis}}, getting Buizel to create a Water Gun barrier to block Hypnosis and trap Gengar, with Fantina calling it a [[Counter Shield]]. After a clash of Gengar's {{m|Night Shade}} and Buizel's Water Pulse, Gengar was defeated. Buizel was then recalled, before he later went up against {{TP|Fantina|Drifblim}}. He used an Aqua Jet Counter Shield to extinguish Drifblim's {{m|Will-O-Wisp}} Counter Shield and damage it in the process. However, it then countered with {{m|Ominous Wind}} and Buizel's Water Pulse was countered by Will-O-Wisp. This allowed Drifblim to get close and use Hypnosis, putting Buizel to sleep. He was then defeated by {{m|Psychic}}.