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Methods of evolution

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| {{bag|Rare Candy}} + ♀<br> →<br>Level 21<br><small>if {{color2|000|Gender|female}}</small>
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====In a certain region====
:''See also: [[:Category:Pokémon whose evolution varies by Region]]''
Some Pokémon evolve when they are in a specific [[region]]. This evolutionary requirement was introduced in [[Generation VII]].
Pokémon that evolve this way may also need other conditions, such as evolution stones or a specific time of day. Some Pokémon evolve into different forms depending on what region they are in.
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! colspan="3" | In a certain region
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| {{bag|Rare Candy}}<br>→<br>Level 16
| style="{{roundytop}} background: #{{ground color light}}" | [[File:105Marowak.png|96px]]<br>{{pcolor|Marowak|{{ground color dark}}}}
| {{bag|Rare Candy}} + {{bag|Town Map}} + [[File:Night Icon.png|24px]]<br> →<br>Level up<br><small>in a specific {{color2|000|region}}<br>(night)</small>
| style="{{roundybottom}} background: #{{fire color light}}" | [[File:105Marowak-Alola.png|96px]]<br>{{pcolor|Marowak|{{fire color dark}}}}