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* This is the only movie that does not feature Ash on the English cover.
* In Japan, this movie (paired with the ''Pikachu's Vacation'' short) was released on {{wp|LaserDisc}}, being the only Pokémon media to be released on this medium.
* This is the only movie in which {{an|Giovanni}} has made an appearance. ''[[Mewtwo Returns]]'' doesn't count since it is merely a TV special acting as a sequel to this movie, andwhile [[M22]] is essentially a remake of this movie.
* The North American VHS release features an introduction to the tape's contents by {{an|Professor Oak}}, utilizing footage from [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Lecture|his lecture]] on Alakazam from [[EP066]].
* Despite the English dub using the ''kanzenban'' footage, the opening of the original North American DVD release uses a hand-drawn shot of the big doors opening.