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Pokémon GO
===Pokémon GO===
This is artwork of the items as seen in [[Pokémon GO]]. The [[Sinnoh Stone]], an evolutionary stone exclusive to this game, was introduced on November 16, 2018, as a means of evolving certain Pokémon that gained a new evolution in [[Generation IV]]. The [[Unova Stone]], introduced on September 16, 2019; is used by all Unova-based evolutions that use any evolutionary stone in the [[core series]], except for the Sun Stone.
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| width="160px" style="background: #{{fire color}}; {{roundytop|5px}}" | [[File:GO Sun Stone.png|100px]]
| width="160px" style="background: #{{sinnoh color}}; {{roundytop|5px}}" | [[File:GO Sinnoh Stone.png|100px]]
| width="160px" style="background: #{{unova color}}; {{roundytop|5px}}" | [[File:GO Unova Stone.png|100px]]
| style="background: #{{fire color light}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | {{color2|{{fire color dark}}|Sun Stone}}
| style="background: #{{sinnoh color light}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | {{color2|{{sinnoh color dark}}|Sinnoh Stone}}
| style="background: #{{unova color light}}; {{roundybottom|5px}}" | {{color2|{{unova color dark}}|Unova Stone}}