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=====Orange Archipelago=====
In ''[[EP082|A Scare in the Air]]'', Jigglypuff noticed a lever that resembled a microphone. As it jumped up to sing into it, it unexpectedly caused the blimp's ballast water to be released and send the aircraft flying. Jigglypuff's foot became tangled in some rope and it was also carried off to the [[Orange Archipelago|Orange Islands]].
JigglypuffIn made''[[EP094|Snack regularAttack]]'', cameoAsh appearancesand throughouthis thefriends Orangeset Islandsup arc,a wherestage itfor tendedJigglypuff to lulllure everyoneit toout sleepand withhelp itsstop songthe {{AP|Snorlax}} that was causing trouble at the [[Seven Grapefruit Islands]]. AfterwardsThe plan worked, itwith wouldJigglypuff's alwayssinging scribbleputting onan theirend facesto outSnorlax's eating frenzy and giving Ash the chance to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} it offor angerhimself.
Jigglypuff also made regular cameo appearances throughout the Orange Islands arc, where it tended to lull everyone to sleep with its song. Afterwards, it would always scribble on their faces out of anger.