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* In ''[[EP007|The Water Flowers of Cerulean City]]'', the Officer Jenny of Cerulean City refers to the one in Viridian City as her sister-in-law. This implies that one of them is married, probably the one in Viridian City since the Cerulean Jenny didn't mention a spouse when Brock asked her out.
* Officer Jenny, [[Nurse Joy]], and [[Don George]] all have Japanese names that begin with the kana ジ, while their English names all start with the same sound, {{wp|dʒ}}. They also all happen to be part of a large, extended family.
* The Officer Jennys in [[Kanto]], the [[Orange IslandsArchipelago]], [[Johto]], [[Hoenn]], and [[Sinnoh]] can be distinguished by the design of the symbol on their hat, the Jennys of [[Unova]] and [[Kalos]] are identified by the color of the symbol, and the officer Jenny's of [[Alola]] are identified by the color of the stripe on their vest.