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Pokémon in Greater China

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Pokémon Trading Card Game
==[[Pokémon Trading Card Game]]==
The Pokémon Trading Card GamesGame (集換式卡片戰鬥遊戲) arewill be available in Taiwan, and Hong Kong, andunder the Mainlandnew Chinaunified withtranslation most(寶可夢) ofbeginning thein cards,October boosters,2019 andwith themethe decksAll-Star nearlyCompilation identicalexpansion. Prior to thethis, onesEnglish-language thatcards were releasedavailable Cards released inTaiwan, Hong Kong, and TaiwanMainland are printed in Traditional Chinese charactersChina with minormost grammaticalof andthe namingcards, differencesboosters, whileand thetheme mainlanddecks versionsnearly are printed in Simplified characters. In additionidentical to the Hongones Kongthat releases, English versions of the cards have also beenwere released in Hong Kong as well, and are often displayed on Hong Kong's official Pokémon websiteinternationally. Although the Trading Card GamesGame existexists in all three areas, only Taiwan and Hong Kong actuallyhost takes[[Play! partPokémon]] in the worldwide tournaments. Only two sets have ever been officially printed in Chinese: {{tcg|Base Set}} and {{tcg|EX Legend Maker}}<ref></ref>events.
Prior to 2019, only two sets of the Trading Card Game (集換式卡片遊戲) were officially printed in Chinese. The {{TCG ID|Jungle|Pikachu|60}} card from the {{TCG|Jungle}} expansion was released in Chinese as part of the Pikachu World Collection. This was followed by {{tcg|Base Set}}, which was released by [[Wizards of the Coast]] in 2000 in Taiwan and Hong Kong using the [[Media:Pokémon logo Southeast Asia.png|red variant of the Pokémon logo]]. {{tcg|EX Legend Maker}} was later released by [[The Pokémon Company]] in 2006 in Taiwan to commemorate the {{OBP|PokéPark|theme park}} theme park.<ref></ref>
==[[Pokémon Battrio]]==