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Acerola is a friendly young girl who is the Captain of the [[Island challenge|trial]] of the [[Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site)|Thrifty Megamart's abandoned site]] on [[Ula'ula Island]]. She is an orphan who lives at the [[Aether House]], where she plays with the children and Pokémon that live there. Acerola is the last living member of an Alolan royal family.
Acerola first appears in [[Malie City]]'s library, which her father once owned, where she helps the {{player}} and [[Lillie]] find a book about Alolan [[Legendary Pokémon]]. Afterwards, she directs the player to their next trial on top of [[Mount Hokulani]].
In her trial, Acerola asks the player to investigate the abandoned site, using their {{DL|Rotom Pokédex|Poké Finder}} to take photos of the Ghost-type Pokémon making mischief there. At the end, they must defeat a powerful [[Totem Pokémon]], a {{p|Mimikyu}}.