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Team Rocket's mechas

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| ''[[SM122|Spying for the Big Guy!]]''
| A simple Bewear robot that Team Rocket planned to send to [[Matori]] at the [[Team Rocket HQ]]. It’s abilities are unknown and It only appears at the ending segment of the episode, after the [[Poké Problem]].
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| Mecha [[Oranguru]]
| ''[[SM133]]''
| A Oranguru robot that gave {{an|Bewear}} and {{an|Stufful}} fruit drinks while the two relaxed in the hot spring Team Rocket constructed for them at [[Bewear's den]]. By [[SM138]] the robot begins to malfunction and in [[SM139|the next episode]], is shown to have been completely destroyed.
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| Unnamed
| ''[[SM138]]''
| A robot that {{TRT}} built in order to steal Pokémon at the [[Manalo Conference]] rewards ceremony.