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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
In ''[[SM002|The Guardian's Challenge!]]'', Sophocles participated in Ash's surprise welcome party to the school by challenging him to a balloon-popping contest. Sophocles won the challenge with ease by bursting the balloons on Togedemaru's spikes, and then using her {{a|Lightning Rod}} [[Ability]] to absorb {{AP|Pikachu}}'s electricity to charge her attacks.
In ''[[SM006|A Shocking Grocery Run!]]'', Sophocles met Ash in [[the {{DL|Hau'oli City]]|Mall|Hau'soli City mallMall}}, where the two ate some ice cream. Later, the mall's fire shutters separated Sophocles and Ash from Togedemaru, Pikachu, and {{Rotom}} due to a system malfunction caused by {{TRT}}. Using his knowledge of machinery, Sophocles was able to find out the solution to the problem. While on their way to the mall's power switch room, he and Ash got into an argument, but settled their dispute after Ash saved Sophocles from being locked up. Eventually the two made their way up to the mall's roof, where they encountered their Pokémon battling Team Rocket. Sophocles had his Togedemaru absorb Pikachu's {{m|Thunderbolt}} using her Lightning Rod Ability, allowing Togedemaru to turn the tides of the battle before the Team Rocket trio got carried away by {{an|Bewear}}. After solving the power problem, Sophocles went to have dinner with Ash and {{an|Professor Kukui}}.
In ''[[SM026|So Long, Sophocles!]]'', [[Sophocles's parents|his father and mother]] informed Sophocles that they were moving house which left him very upset. He later discovered that it was all a big misunderstanding as they were only moving a few houses away but was terrified of explaining this to his friends who were throwing a leaving party. Ash even got him a {{TP|Sophocles|Charjabug}} as a going-away present, which he caught. Afterwards, Sophocles tearfully apologized to his friends for accidentally misleading them. Although Sophocles was reluctant on revealing the truth because he feared that everyone would be mad at him for lying, everyone was happy he wasn't actually moving away.