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Ash's Lycanroc

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In ''[[SM105|Showdown on Poni Island!]]'', Ash used Lycanroc during his battle against Gladion and his own Lycanroc. Gladion's Lycanroc was able to withstand Splintered Stormshards before defeating Ash's Lycanroc with {{m|Devastating Drake}}.
In [[SM139]], Ash used Lycanroc as his final Pokémon during his battle against Gladion and his Lycanroc in the finals of the [[Manalo Conference]]. Both Lycanroc started off with Stone Edge, resulting in a collision. Ash's Lycanroc's triedattempts to get close withto BiteGladion's andLycanroc Accelerock,were onlyrepeatedly tointercepted be stopped withby Counter and Stone Edge. AsAfter bothpowering sides had the upper hand, Gladion's Lycanroc powereditself up with {{m|Swords Dance}}, andGladion's launchedLycanroc agot barrageclose ofto attack with {{m|Outrage}}s, breakingonly throughto Ash'sget Lycanroc'sconfused Stoneand Edge.bite Asits Gladion'sleft Lycanrocarm. approachedAsh tohad strikeLycanroc Ash'stake athe secondopportunity timeto after getting confusedattack, itonly surprisedfor everyone by biting its own left hand. AshGladion's wentLycanroc to useretaliate Bite,with but Gladion'sCounter, afterrevealing bitingit its hand, wasbit ableitself to snap itself out of the confusion, and it sent Ash's flying with another Counter. After recovering, Ash had his Lycanroc chargerush through two incoming Stone Edge attacks, the first with Bite and the secondin with Accelerock, hoping to scoreget aone final blow. Gladion had his Lycanroc fireintercept offwith one finalmore Counter-boosted uppercut to intercept, but just as it connected, Ash orderedhad his Lycanroc to use itsCounter ownas Counterwell, which caused its stone horn to glow green and hitsending Gladion's Lycanroc under its chin. This sent it flying into the wall and knockedknocking it out, thus winning Ash the battle and the championship.
===Personality and characteristics===