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Charmeleon (Pokémon)

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Charmeleon resembles a small dinosaur with remnants of {{p|Charmander}}'s {{wp|Salamanders in folklore|salamander}}-like appearance, with the body plan of a {{wp|Theropoda|theropod}} and a single horn on the top of the head, itself bearing a resemblance with theropod's crests such as the one of ''{{wp|Parasaurolophus}}''.
Although its nomenclature suggests commonality with the {{wp|chameleon}}, its Japanese name, ''Lizardo'', clarifies that Charmeleon is rather based on lizards{{wp|lizard}}s, with the ''chameleon'' term being used to make a word play in the English name. As such, Charmeleon doesn't have the traits that set chameleons apart from lizards, with the main traits derived from it having an appearance which is intermediate between that of Charmander and that of Charizard, reflecting its role in Charmander's evolutionary family.
====Name origin====