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{{an|Kiawe}}, {{Ash}}, and {{an|Sophocles}} are watching an advertisement showing {{p|Charjabug}} racers. Sophocles explains what they do and reveals that he is joining an annual race they set up, but he requires a team of three to enter. Ash and Kiawe promptly agree to take part and their determination manifests inenter the formrace ofwith a blaze that literally heats up the room. The girls are bothered by the heat and [[Snowy]] uses {{m|Powder Snow}} to freeze the boyshim. After school, Sophocles shows them a kit for the race and they decide who gets which jobs. duringOnce thethey race. Oncehave decided, Sophocles places his {{TP|Sophocles|Charjabug}} into the Charjabug racer and they go for a test run, but Charjabug isn't able to go fast. As Sophocles explains, Charjabug fires a {{m|String Shot}} at him as Kiawe suggests they do some training, allowing them to bond as a team. They continuedo their trainingso as Sophocles continues to make changes to the car, and soon, their times improve.
The day of the race arrives and many teams are taking part in the race but they soon make rivals with the Red Comet team led by [[Horacio]] and their {{Shiny}} Charjabug. Both teams vow to win as {{TRT}} enter as well with {{MTR}} inside a fake Charjabug racer. The teams gather in the stadium where {{al|Anna}} provides the commentary and explains the rules and introduces the Pokémon who'll be creating obstacles for the teams. The terrains are brought out as Anna explains that a pit stop is available between each terrain as everyone takes their positions. The race begins and everyone heads out but a crash on the first corner knows out a few players which Ash manages to avoid and enter the first terrain where {{p|Boldore}} who causes disruption by making cliffs appear.