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|current=[[Bewear's den|Her den]] onNear [[MelemeleManalo IslandStadium]]|
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When Bewear picked Team Rocket up from [[Aether Paradise]] in ''[[SM096|Don't Ignore the Small Stufful!]]'', she was reunited with Stufful and took it with them.
[[File:Poké Problem extra scene SM128.png|thumb|250px|Bewear and Stufful enjoying their new hot springs]]
In ''[[SM114|Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!]]'', Bewear found her den damaged after a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Pheromosa}} attacked Jessie and James and stole their [[Z-Crystal]]s. Later, she found Pheromosa battling Jessie, James, and the [[Ultra Guardians]]. Seeing that Jessie, James, and Meowth were hurt, Bewear flew into a rage and attacked the [[Ultra Beast]], easily defeating it. Afterwards, she retrieved the stolen Z-Crystals and took Team Rocket back to her den.
In ''[[SM122|Spying for the Big Guy!]]'', Team Rocket, having previously lied about having captured Bewear, learned that [[Matori]] was on her way to Alola to bring Bewear back to Kanto with her. As a result, they attempted to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} Bewear, but she crushed the {{i|Poké Ball}} to dust. Later, when Team Rocket were attempting to catch [[Grandpa Forest]], Bewear and Stufful showed up and took the trio, along with Matori and her [[Regional variant|Alolan]] {{TP|Matori|Meowth}}, back to its den. That night, while Bewear was out swimming, Matori captured Stufful and was in the process of taking it back to Kanto when the trio intervened, distracting her and covertly substituting Stufful for Meowth. Soon after Matori realized this, Bewear broke through the window and rescued Meowth. Later, when Matori attempted to contact the trio, Bewear answered, which scared Matori. Bewear then crushed the communication device to dust.
In [[SM128]], it was revealed that Team Rocket had built a hot spring for Bewear and Stufful to keep them from spriting them away during their participation in the [[Manalo Conference]], along with a robot modeled after {{an|Oranguru}} to tend to their needs. The plan was sucessful for the most part, as the mother and child spent the duration of the conference relaxing and spending quality time together. However, after the Oranguru robot broke down at the end of the conference in [[SM139]], Bewear had no reason to stay, and began rushing to retrieve her guests. On her way there, Bewear saw an [[Ultra Wormhole]] forming over [[Manalo Stadium]].
===Personality and characteristics===
Bewear is extremely strong. This was best demonstrated in ''[[SM061|A Mission of Ultra Urgency!]]'', when she encountered a {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Buzzwole}} and was able to hold her own against it. Thanks to her strength, she was also able to perform seemingly impossible feats, like jumping across rooftops in ''[[SM006|A Shocking Grocery Run!]]'', flying through the air by using her legs as a propeller in ''[[SM033|Big Sky, Small Fry!]]'', and running across the surface of the ocean from Kanto to Alola for at least three days in ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]''. Her strength was seen once again in ''[[SM114|Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!]]'', where it was able to battle and defeat {{DL|Ultra Beasts (anime)|Pheromosa}}.
Bewear enjoys hot springs and can be in them longer than normal humans and Pokémon, as seen in the [[Poké Problem]] of ''[[SM086|I Choose Paradise!]]''. Bewear's love of hot springs was seen again in [[SM128]], when Team Rocket built her a hot spring outside her den. Bewear also enjoys putting on a display whilst in the hot spring, as seen in [[SM131]], where she and Stufful performed for a crowd that had gathered there.
==In the TCG==