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Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime

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In ''[[SM122|Spying for the Big Guy!]]'', [[Matori]] arrived in Alola to bring Bewear back to Kanto. However, she decided to take Stufful instead. Team Rocket, having realized this, disguised Meowth as Stufful, and Matori took the bait. Bewear eventually rescued Meowth.
In [[SM128]], it was revealed that Team Rocket had built a hot spring for Bewear and Stufful to keep them from spriting them away during their participation in the [[Manalo Conference]], along with a robot modeled after {{an|Oranguru}} to tend to their needs. The plan was sucessful for the most part, as the mother and child spent the duration of the conference relaxing and spending quality time together. However, after the Oranguru robot broke down at the end of the conference in [[SM139]], Bewear had no reason to stay, and began rushing to retrieve her guests, with Stufful riding on top of her head.
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