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Air Slash (move)

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{{movep|type=flying|ms=245|pkmn=Suicune|method=Suicune opens its mouth and raises its head. Then, a circle of clear spinning energy forms in front of its mouth. Suicune then whips its head down, firing the circle like a vertical disc at the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=flying|user=Legendary beasts (M13)#Suicune|user1=Suicune (M13)|startcode=M13|startname=Zoroark: Master of Illusions|notes=Game event-exclusive move}}
{{movep|type=flying|ms=164s164|pkmn=Noctowl|method=Noctowl raises its wings above its head and a spiraling light blue orb of energy forms in between them. It then throws the ball at the opponent. As it shoots towards the opponent, the ball becomes surrounded by a light blue aura.}}
{{movemid|type=flying|user=Ash's Noctowl|startcode=DP185|startname=Working on a Right Move!}}
{{movep|type=flying|ms=527|pkmn=Woobat|method=Woobat's wings glow light blue and it crosses them in front of its body. It then opens them up quickly, releasing multiple light blue glowing saw disc-like energy blades from its wings at the opponent.}}