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In the anime
* {{an|Gladion}} used his [[Rockium Z]] with his {{p|Lycanroc}} to defeat Team Rocket in ''[[SM027|A Glaring Rivalry!]]''. He obtained it by completing Olivia's grand trial prior to the episode.
* [[Oluolu]], a famous [[Baseball|Pokémon Base]] player, used his [[Snorlium Z]] in ''[[SM028|Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!]]''.
* [[Olivia]] usedwas hershown to own a Rockium Z in ''[[SM031|The Island Whisperer!]]''.
* {{an|Lana}} was given a [[Waterium Z]] from a Totem {{p|Wishiwashi}} after completing the [[Brooklet Hill]] trial in ''[[SM033|Big Sky, Small Fry!]]''.
* Ash obtained a [[Grassium Z]] from a Totem {{p|Lurantis}} after completing the [[Lush Jungle]] trial in ''[[SM035|Currying Favor and Flavor!]]''.
* {{an|Mallow}} received a Grassium Z from Tapu Koko in ''[[SM121|A Recipe for Success!]]'' after she cleared a trial set up by {{an|Oranguru}}.
* A young Professor Kukui was revealed to own a Firium Z in ''[[SM125|A Timeless Encounter!]]''. In the same episode, Ash also received a Firium Z from a Totem {{p|Trevenant}}.
* [[Hau]] usedwas revealed to have obtained a [[Decidium Z]] with his {{p|Decidueye}} in his battle against Ash in ''[[SM132]]''.
* Gladion used hisa Ghostium Z with his {{p|Zoroark}} in his battle against in Ash in ''[[SM139]]''.
A full set of replicas of the type-specific Z-Crystals appeared in ''[[SM025|A Team-on-Team Tussle!]]''. These replicas were shown to Ash and {{ashcl}} by Professor Kukui.