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Lugia (Pokémon)

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Lugia's aquatic tendencies could relate it to {{wp|plesiosauria|plesiosaurs}}. It is also possible that Lugia may be based on ''{{wp|Ryūjin}}'', a dragon who lived on the ocean floor and was the {{wp|Shinto}} god of the sea. The two have similarities in mythology, and Lugia's {{Shiny}} colors (red and white) are the same colors as the coral {{wp|Ryūgū-jō|''Ryujin''{{'}}s palace}} was made of. In addition, it is worth noting that {{wp|dragon}} (yang, male, water) and {{wp|Phoenix (mythology)|phoenix}} (yin, female, fire) duality is prevalent in Eastern mythology, and Ho-Oh clearly resembles a phoenix. Lugia may also be an embodiment of storms. Lugia's avian body, coloration, and face-markings suggests that it may be somewhat based on the {{wp|grey heron}}. The {{wp|beluga whale}}, a white whale with a similar body shape and coloration to Lugia, may also be a basis for Lugia's design and name. Lugia's back fins and tail spikes are reminiscent of the ''{{wp|Stegosaurus}}''.
====Name origin====