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|trainerclass={{pkmn|Trainer}}, {{pkmn|Champion}}
|league=Pokémon League (Alola)
In ''[[SM104|That's Some Spicy Island Research!]]'', Ash and his classmates arrived on Poni Island for their individual research projects for school. Ash's project was to have a grand trial battle. In ''[[SM109|A Grand Debut!]]'', Ash battled the newly-appointed Island Kahuna [[Hapu]] in a one-on-one battle and won. Letting Pikachu choose their reward for the completion, Ash received a [[Steelium Z]].
In [[SM129]], Ash entered the [[Alola League]] [[Manalo Conference]], along with his classmates. He eventually made it to the semifinals, where he faced the [[Team Skull]] Boss [[Guzma]]. After a tough match, Ash was able to defeat him and advance to the finals yet again, set to face Gladion. On the night before the final battle, Ash's {{p|Meltan}} fused with {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Melmetal|its fellow Meltan}}, evolving into {{AP|Melmetal}}, which Ash ended up using as his first Pokémon in the finals. The match ended up coming right down to the wire between the two Trainer's {{p|Lycanroc}}, with [[Ash's Lycanroc]] eventually emerging victorious and thus earning Ash the title of Alola League {{pkmn|Champion}}.