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|desc={{p|Zoroark}} is Gladion's fourth known Pokémon. It originally belonged to his father [[Mohn]], but ran away after its {{pkmn|Trainer}} disappeared into an [[Ultra Wormhole]]. [[SM127|Later]], it agreed to join Gladion and help search for the missing Mohn. It is housed in a [[Dusk Ball]].
In [[SM138]] it was the second Pokémon used by Gladion in the finals of the [[Manalo Conference]], being sent up against {{AP|Pikachu}}. However when sent out it was disguised as Lycanroc catching {{Ash}} and Pikachu off guard. Pikachu managed to hit Zoroark with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}, cancelling the illusion. The battle continued in the [[SM139|next episode]], where Zoroark and Pikachu were evenly matched. After a collision between {{m|Never Ending Nightmare}} and {{m|Breakneck Blitz}}, both of them gotwere knocked out at the same time.
Zoroark's known moves are {{m|Night Daze}} and {{m|Shadow Claw}}, and its Ability is {{a|Illusion}}.<br>