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|relatives='''{{pkmn|Anime}}''': {{Delia}} (mother)<br>Unnamed father ([[EP002]])<br>Unnamed grandfather ([[EP002]], Japanese version only)<br>'''[[The Electric Tale of Pikachu|Manga]]''': [[Mother]]
|trainerclass={{pkmn|Trainer}}, [[{{pkmn|Champion]],}}
====Pokémon League ranking====
[[File:Ash winning.png|thumb|250px|Ash with the Manalo Championship Trophy]]
Ash has competed in the following [[Pokémon League Conference]]s:
* [[Indigo Plateau Conference]] - Top 16 (''[[EP079|Friend and Foe Alike]]'')
Ash challenged the following Pokémon championships as well:
* [[Orange League]] - {{pkmn|Champion}} (''[[EP112|Enter The Dragonite]]'')
* [[Alola League]] - {{pkmn|Champion}} ([[SM139]])
====Pokémon competitions====