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After the player has obtained their starter Pokémon from Professor Kukui on {{rt|1|Alola}}, Hau will appear and choose his own starter from the remaining two (which is always the one weak to the player's choice) before challenging the player into their first Trainer battle. When his grandfather shows up late in Iki Town, Hau berates him for his lateness. After the player has defeated Hala, instead of boarding Kukui's boat, Hau will invite the player to [[Mantine Surf|ride Mantine]] to Akala Island.
On Ula'ula Island, Hau will give the player a [[Lycanium Z]] after battling them after their arrival on the island. After the player defeats Guzma at Malie Garden, heGuzma notices Hau and tells him that theyhe shouldn't take the island challenge just because he's a kahuna's grandson. After the Aether Paradise incident, Hau realizes that he keeps failing to protect those he cares about, and becomes even more determined to become stronger.
When Necrozma fuses with [[Nebby]] during the game's climax and Ultra Beasts start appearing around Alola, Hau and Hala are seen coming face to face with a {{p|Blacephalon}}{{sup/7|US}}/{{p|Stakataka}}{{sup/7|UM}} at [[Mahalo Trail]]. Hala chooses to entrust the battle to his grandson, who is soon joined in the battle by {{p|Tapu Koko}}. After the Necrozma crisis is over and the player starts taking on [[Mina]]'s trial, the player encounters Hau at [[Hau'oli Cemetery]], also taking on Mina's trial. He then tells the player that they should have a serious battle once they're both done with their island challenge. Later during Mina's trial, he also shows up outside the Aether House, encountering the player and Guzma there. He encourages Guzma to become something no one's ever been before, before giving the player one last warning of their upcoming serious battle. After the player has cleared Mina's trial, Hala will show up and reveal that he and Hau had finally had an all-out battle, in which Hau had managed to defeat his grandfather.
Hau's team slightly differs based on the player's [[Starterstarter Pokémon]] choice. He chooses the Alolan starter that is weak to the player's starter., Hau'swhile his {{p|Eevee}} evolves into the [[Eeveelution]] ofwith thea type advantage over the player's chosen starter is weak to.
====Pokémon Sun and Moon====
=====First battle=====
|epname=The Announcement and the Prize
|desc={{p|Pikachu}} is Hau's first known Pokémon. It was first used as a {{p|Pichu}} at the Iki Town festival tournament, towhere battleit battled [[Gladion]]'s {{p|Porygon}}. Eventually, it was defeated, forcing Hau to switch for {{p|Komala}}. Sometime during Hau's solo training session, it evolved into a Pikachu.
Pikachu's only known move is {{m|Charge Beam}}.}}
|epname=The Announcement and the Prize
|desc={{p|Komala}} is Hau's second known Pokémon. It was first used at the Iki Town festival tournament to replace {{p|Pichu}} after it was defeated. In retaliation, Gladion sent out his {{TP|Gladion|Type: Null}} and used it to battle Komala. Eventually, itKomala was defeated.
Komala's only known move is {{m|Rapid Spin}}.}}
|epname=The Delivery of Rotom and the Girl
|desc={{p|Primarina}} is Hau's third known Pokémon. It was first seen as a {{p|Popplio}} with Hau at the [[Melemele Island]] {{pkmn|Trainers' School}}. Hau received it from [[Professor Kukui]]. Sometime during Hau's solo training session, it evolved into a {{p|Brionne}}. It later evolved into a Primarina after his training with [[Hala]].
Primarina's known moves are {{m|Bubble}}{{tt|*|mentioned and used off-panel. Primarina cannot legally learn Bubble}} and {{m|Bubble Beam}}.}}