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In the anime
==In the anime==
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[[File:Hau anime.png|thumb|250px|Hau in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Hau debuted in ''[[SM097|No Stone Unturned!]]'', where he was {{pkmn|training}} with {{p|Dartrix}}, only for its attacks to hit {{Ash}}, {{Rotom}}, and {{AP|Pikachu}}. Hau became excited upon seeing Ash's [[Z-Ring]] and asked if he had taken part in [[Hala]]'s grand trial. Hau then had a {{pkmn|battle}} against Ash, using Dartrix against {{AP|Rowlet}}. Hau ended up winning when Ash dropped his [[Grassium Z]]. Ash suggested they have another battle, but Hau was about to have a meeting with his father, so he declined but promised to meet up the next day for a [[rematch]]. The next day, they conducted their rematch after Rowlet learned how to use {{m|Seed Bomb}}, but it was still not enough to defeat it. In a last-ditch effect, Ash and Rowlet performed the [[Z-Move]] {{m|Bloom Doom}}, which was able to defeat Dartrix.
In [[SM135]], Hau watched the battle between {{an|Kiawe}} and {{an|Gladion}} in the stands. He reappeared in [[SM136]] and [[SM137]], and in a flashback in [[SM138]].
HeHau will appear againreappeared in [[SM139]] and will reappear in [[SM140]].