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In the anime
==In the anime==
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[[File:Ilima anime.png|thumb|250px|Ilima in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Ilima first appeared in ''[[SM065|Turning Heads and Training Hard!]]''. In the past, [[Tupp]], a to-be member of [[Team Skull]], got annoyed with him when he began to draw groups of girls to him instead. Later in life, Ilima attended and graduated from the [[Pokémon School]], accomplishing a lot of milestone records; this earned the nickname of "Pokémon School Prince". It was even rumored that he could make [[Samson Oak]]'s {{p|Komala}} open its eyes, but this ultimately turned out to be false, much to the disappointment of {{an|Professor Kukui}}'s class. After graduating, he went to [[Kalos]] to study abroad and even participated in the [[Kalos League]].
In [[SM128]], Ilima returned to Alola to participate in the [[Manalo Conference]]. Ash attempted to greet him, only to be knocked over by Ilima's fanbase.
In [[SM129]], Ilima was among the 151 Trainers taking part in the [[Battle Royal]] round of the Manalo Conference. Using Eevee, Ilima was able to defeat all of the Pokémon that Team Skull used against him before going up against [[Plumeria]] and her {{p|Salazzle}}. Ilima was ultimately able to defeat Plumeria and was among the 16 Trainers still standing at the end of the round. The match-ups for the next round revealed that he would be battling [[Guzma]]. Ilima was also revealed to be the favorite to win the [[Alola League]].
Ilima reappeared in a flashback in [[SM137]].
Ilima will reappearreappeared in [[SM139]].