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{{p|Guzzlord}} first appeared in ''[[SM100|Battling the Beast Within!]]'', where it attacked {{Ash}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} in the [[Ultra Ruin]] before {{al|Dia}} and his {{p|Zeraora}} intervened, driving it off. Dia later revealed to Ash that Guzzlord was the cause of the devastation of his home world. In ''[[SM101|Parallel Friendships!]]'', Ash and Dia sent Guzzlord through an [[Ultra Wormhole]] and back to its home world, with the help of the Shiny Tapu Koko, who made it possible for [[Z-Move]]s to be used again in the Ultra Ruin.
AAnother Guzzlord appeared in [[SM140]], where it emerged through an Ultra Wormhole at the end of the [[Manalo Conference]].
===Personality and characteristics===
Guzzlord is shown to be a strong Pokémon, managing to stand the attacks of five different Pokémon at once. Guzzlord is also aand ruthless Pokémon, attacking people and Pokémon without mercy, and it is capable of causing mass destruction. Unlike other Ultra Beasts in the anime, Guzzlord resisted being sent through an Ultra Wormhole; it was either unable to understand its significance, or simply refused to return to its home world.